Operation: Sanctuary

WOW. This post has taken forever for me to get to. Operation Sanctuary actually began back in late November. My wonderful and beautiful friend, Miss Laura K, shared the idea with me. Operation Sanctuary began as a way to make your space in which you spent your time with God, which was our bedrooms, obviously, more organized and pleasing to God. The idea was to make your quiet place more enjoyable, and a place you WANT to go to spend time with God. It took me a while to get the project started, considering I wanted to paint my room. I had to wait until Christmas Break to start. It now being mid-March, I'm pretty much done with everything I wanted to do (Took long enough, huh? :P)

Let the pictures begin!


Don't mind the Christmas decorations. ;)

AHHH, IT'S SO AMAZINGLY GREEN. It was called Lime-ade. :)
Wall numero uno, complete.
Yeah. Don't mind my occasion boredom during this tedious project of trimming. :P
I guess my boredom wasn't so bad huh. :)
Wall numero dos, complete.
Wall numero tres, complete.
Thank you K-Love, for keeping me such good company. :)
I used the whole gallon of paint and had to buy another... AND SOME SWEDISH FISH! Mmm!
Wall number quatro, complete!
After a total of eight coats of paints, I FINISHED YAY!
Curtains > Blinds
My lovely, wonderful, amazing, little corner. :)

The end! :) 

Operation Sanctuary was awesome, I love my room way more than I did before. It definitely encourages me to spend more time there, especially in regards to my quiet time with God. Maybe your changes won't be as drastic as mine, but I definitely encourage you to try it out sometime! :)


  1. Oh my, my, my! Laura talked with about this, as well, and I was supposed to do it months ago. So I'm even later than you are. Haha!

  2. Hahaha yeah I know! It has taken me forever! You better get on it! It actually can be really fun... :) It's just a wee-bit time consuming!


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