An Ecuador Update :)

So, it's been nearly a month since I was accepted to go on the mission trip to Ecuador! Here's a little update on my progress. :) I decided to make this just a picture blog post... with as few words as possible, so enjoy the pictures! :)


32 to be exact. :)

Oh, how I love letters and mailing letters. :)
...So I got a little hungry... which leads to my next pictures.. :)

And as I put all these wonderful letters together I enjoyed a few of my favorite things... :)

Nomnomnom :)
Ohhhh.. so delicious! <3

 And on top of all of that wonderfulness, just a few days ago I received my passport in the mail! Only took about 3 weeks - woohoo government, you're really on the ball this time! ;)



  1. Looks like fun... I'm really excited for you :)

  2. Awwwwe, thank you Laura! :)
    I'm so excited toooo! -jumps up and down- Hahah :)


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