What Does It Mean to be Different

Brave-hearted Christian, are you out there?

Day in and day out I see the same results over and over again.
I see people caught up in the world.
I see people caught up in false hope, false joy.
Why do we always go back to what we know is not the answer to what our heart so desperately is desiring?

Judgmental, it's what I am. Hypocritical, that's me too.
The only reason I cannot reprimand, or call out, is because it's me too. I make the same mistake that pains my heart when other people do.

Sometimes I really really want to find people who are different. I want to find people who are spiritually different than the norm. I want to see people devoted, and clinging to Christ with all the pathetic strength they have, and loving Him, and pouring out His love to others.

I find myself unhappy when this person, I cannot find.
All the while, am I even that person?

Am I making any sense? Don't blame me, it's late. (It's never too late to be philosophical though, right?)

Sometimes we focus so often on changing other people, on what we want other people to do, or what we want other people to act like... yet all the while, we forget all the work that we need ourselves.

So while I'm looking for some crazy-in-love with Jesus people, I miss out on the opportunities to be that person myself.

Perhaps if I took advantage of those opportunities... those crazy-in-love with Jesus people would arise?
What if I just worked on my own walk with Christ, rather than focusing too much on the walks of others... what would happen then?

I need to be the difference that I want to see.


  1. You just gave your own answer...."i need to be the difference that I want to see"!

  2. You're completely right Anonymous!
    And sorry for the late reply!


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