A Sad Break-Up

Remember back a while ago in the beginning of March when I made this post? In that blog post, I talked about giving up movies/television for a period of time. Well, a few days later, people started talking about lent, which is then when I made this next post, in which I decided that I was going to to continue through until Easter without watching movies/television. In the end, I went about eight weeks without watching really anything. There were a few times when I went, sat down in front of the television and began to stare (though mostly day dreaming, not actually paying attention) at it without even really thinking what I was doing, shows how much of a habit it was!

First of all, I will say that I honestly did not miss movies. Truly, I forgot about them. Not watching them was extremely beneficial to me spiritually. It helped me maintain a higher standard of purity in my heart and mind.

I believe it was last Thursday (not this past week, but the week before) that I watched my first full length movie. I couldn't help but continually stare at the clock, watching my minutes pass by. "Is watching this movie really worth it?"

Last night, I went to the good ol' Redbox and rented a movie that I heard was apparently really good. It wasn't until after I had rented it and arrived home, did I look at its potentially objectionable content. I was slightly--okay, majorly disappointed that I hadn't looked before I rented it. Honestly, renting it was kind of spur of the moment, so I hadn't really thought it through very much.
I contemplated not watching it. I mean, the content wasn't SUPER DUPER X RATED DON'T GO THERE! bad, but there were a few things here and there that kind of caused my conscious to stir a bit.
I ended up watching it. I will admit the plot was pretty interesting, but there were some parts that I just couldn't really handle.

If I'm honest with myself (and you), I'm pretty disappointed for spending the whole $1.07 that I did on it.
Those two hours I spent watching it could have gone towards reading my Bible, encouraging a friend, or SOMETHING far more edifying.

I think I've made my decision.
It's like a sad break-up!

Dear Movies-that-are-not-edifying,

Things between you and I are just not working out anymore! You're discouraging, negative, impure. I don't think my Father would be too happy if he knew we were seeing each other. You are not willing to protect my innocence and my purity, you're really only in it for your own glory. I think it's time to call it quits, and go our own ways.

Better off,

Perhaps you can take a thing or two from my own past relationship experience with movies.


  1. Thank you for your awesome blog posts, Rachel! I awarded you a stylish blog award, so feel free to check it out at: www.loveisthethingwithwings.blogspot.com.

    In Christ,

  2. Awwwww Kimberly! You are the sweetest thing ever! I feel honored, but may Christ be honored even higher! :)

    Thank you Kimberly!
    Soli Deo Gloria!


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