To All You Chivalrous Guys

I just wanted to make a little shout-out to all you chivalrous guys. :)

Today I was reminded that chivalry is NOT dead, in fact, far from it!

In a place I didn't expect to find it, I found it! Earlier today at work I took notice of one coworkers chivalry: opening the door, letting me go first... He pretty much did it all. It was so pleasing to see that there are guys still like that. :)

SO THANK YOU, all you chivalrous guys! There are ladies out there who appreciate it and it really sets you apart by doing it. Maybe you'll start a revival, who knows. :)

P.S. Sorry for my lack in posts the past week or so. :( I haven't had time nor any writing inspiration so that's why I'm lacking a bit. Hopefully I'll pick up a bit these next couple weeks when I'm not as busy!

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