What is He to you?

Loves unconditionally.
Carries our burdens.
Gives hope.
The Way, Truth, Light.

Tonight after youth group, we watched a short clip on YouTube with a preacher saying what Jesus is to us, kind of like the phrases I listed above. Afterward, we spent a few minutes praying, but those prayers were only prayers of adoration and praise to God for what He is... and I loved it! All I could do was smile during the entire prayer time, because God is so good!

Often in prayer we focus on OUR problems and even more often, we forget to give God the praise He deserves. I'm sure you've struggled with this... haven't we all!

This is a short (but sweet!) little blog post where I just want to remind you that God is more than someone who hears all your problems, issues and prayer requests. YES, God does want to be your comforter and give you strength BUT, think of it this way: You have a good friend and all he/she does is talk about their problems or concerns. That gets a little tiring after a while, now doesn't it? It's the same with God, so stop dwelling on all those problems or issues or whatever the case, and just devote some prayer time adoring God. You'd be surprised how many things you can praise God for, and how many things you can find about God that are worth praising. :)


  1. Man, there have been some really awesome blog posts around lately. Great post. We do serve an awesome God. I'm glad He's not some far off deity who just doesn't care! what would I do? Where would my hope be? Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I KNOW ASH! God is incredible. He's so sovereign and just amazing. Pretty much indescribable honestly... :)


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