Be Still

I've desired to blog recently but just haven't had time or the energy! In the past two weeks I've worked a total of 67 hours and on top of that I have school everyday, including an AP Exam tomorrow morning (yay English and potential college credits) as well as church related responsibilities and activities (which I do love)!

Let me tell you, it's tiring. My weeks have been flying by. I see gaps in my spiritual life that really need worked on, but I feel so suffocated by activities and work that I don't have time. A few things that have been on my mind have been my prayer life and what I'm going to do after I graduate in a month. Life is just flying by and I'm standing here pretty clueless. "God, what are you doing!?"

I think sometimes I forget that God is... well, God!
I really have enjoyed this well known Bible verse lately:

"Be still and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10

With a combination of work, school and my future, stepping back and remembering that God is God, is really comforting. It reminds me that God has got this whole thing called 'Rachel's life and situation' under control after all! It warms my little and weak heart that God is big, strong, powerful and in control. I just need to trust Him and remember that His love and faithfulness endure forever!

So take heart, fellow followers, no matter your situation in life, or how crazy things may be.... God's got it under control. I believe that sometimes we need crazy times to make us depend on God and realize our deep and truly desperate need for Him.

Nevertheless, I think it's time to finish up this blog post... gotta be up at 6:45am sharp for my test! Pray that I do well. :)

P.S. I think next week I'll be able to make a few blog posts, as my schedule isn't as busy. Yay for blogging! :)

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