Modesty from the Mind of a Guy

How ironic that I just wrote recently a blog about modesty, and to think now the blog for Lies Young Women Believe is doing several posts on it!

Today they posted a video, which includes several letters written from Jesus loving guys and their experience on a college campus, going in between classes and time at church. They share their experience and struggle in regards to young ladies and what an incredible impact modesty really does make.

It really ached my heart a bit to hear from the guys who are struggling so much. I think we really do forget what a struggle it truly is. So, listen up, pay attention to the video and let the Spirit work in your heart and life in areas that need it in regards to modesty!

P.S. Quiz time... anyone know what movie the music in the video is from!?


  1. So powerful--so true. Loved this(may I borrow it form you?) =]

  2. Haha... borrow it, as if I own it?! :P You crack me up Heather! I shared it so that it may be shared, so do what you will with it! :)

  3. I know Alan Silvestri when I hear it.

  4. Hahaha, somehow I just KNEW that you would know.
    Maybe it's because I know you like Cast Away. :P

  5. We watched it back in the day. and you bought me a copy... so of course...

  6. I think the latter is true but I don't ever recall watching it.. only The Burbs, ahahaha...

  7. We did too! That and the princess bride... Unless my memory is failing me (as usual).

  8. OKAY. YOU'RE RIGHT!! It hurt my brain to try to remember but now I distinctly remember you making a comment about the pictures on the fridge and how the kids looked too old for it only being a few years that he was gone and she was married...

    Yeah, okay. We did. You're right! I sit corrected.. WOW!! Since when does my memory mess up... :P Haha!


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