Can you say that again!?

I almost forgot! Recently, my Dad bought a book for me entitled "Found: God's Will" by John MacArthur. Side note: It's a great little booklet, and if you're interested in hearing the sermon then feel free to click here!

Back on track, I was finishing up the little booklet last night when I came across a line that made me want to jump up and down with joy for a very long time.

MacArthur wrote...

"Don't ever water down the Gospel.
If the truth offends, then let it offend.
People have been living their whole lives in offense to God;
let them be offended for a while."

 Recently, due to a couple conversations I found myself in, I felt so condemned for being honest and speaking truth, even with Christians! It drove me nuts, because what I was saying WAS and IS truth. I felt like I was being asked to water down the truth, and that is something I do not like doing! For those of you who know me really well (-cough- Laura), you'll know that I typically am pretty blunt and honest, especially if you're asking for my opinion. So when it comes to speaking truth... I typically tell it like it is. Long story short, I found these few lines to be very encouraging and I honestly loved the way he put it.

So yeah. :) Keep speaking truth! Never water it down out of concern for "offending" someone else. I think especially in today's society and culture, people desperately need to hear the truth of God.


  1. As long as its the gospel, then definitely don't water it down! But if someone is excited about a hair cut that looks horrible, then drowned it quit frankly! =P haha Anyways, I completely get where you are coming from. Sometimes I find myself in such a situation, and I want to say it exactly as it is, but people get "offended" if they hear that if they aren't dressing modestly, then they aren't fully allowing God to shine through them, and that they are hurting their brothers(and even sisters!) in Christ.
    Great post Rachel! =]

  2. Ahaha! Your first comment made me laugh Heather. :P

    It's a frustrating thing, isn't it?!

    Oh well, keep speaking truth though. :) People need to hear it!


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