Okay, this is just ridiculous!

My Dad and nephew made Spring the Snowman! ;)
IT'S APRIL 2ND, and it's snowing!

Two things:

1. Where is that groundhog so I can take care of business with him - mister "Spring is coming soon!"?!?!
2. Okay, so, global warming??? Get real!

That concludes my blog post for today.. but to actually give some substance, check out this song. One of my favorites... :) Original is by Hillsong, but I really like Starfield's version. Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. HAHA! I hate crazy weather! I live in TN so I know how it is. It's tan weather one day and then the next there is a chance of flurries and everyone is freezing. It will be beautiful all week, so I decide to wear a summery dress to church. I step outside ready to go and its FREEZING!

    *shakes head*

    I like this song, btw...

  2. TN! NICE! I bet it's a little bit warmer there.. I'm jealous. :) I like the Southern states. I'm from PA, so we get fairly cold winters here. YEAH I KNOW! Today it's around 50 though and the sun is out... so it makes a bit happier.. :)
    AW. I'm sad to hear the dress idea didn't work out, hahaha. I know what ya mean though! Summer come quickly!

    Glad you like the song. :)


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