Waiting on my Jesus!

I'm waiting on my Jesus. :)

It all began a few months back. I knew our church, specifically my youth group was planning for an international mission trip. I was excited! I emailed one of my female leaders about any information she knew/could give about it. She responded with little and said that more would be coming out soon. What do you know, the next day my youth pastor sends out an email for the mission trip. It was going to be to Haiti! I was ecstatic! Within a few weeks, things changed and the mission trip was moved from being just youth to it being a church held trip, for several different reasons. While I was a little saddened by it not being my entire youth group, I was still seeking to go.

At the beginning of January, I found out about ANOTHER mission trip, completely apart and outside of my church. It's called "Never the Same Missions" held by Susie Shellenberger (creator of Brio magazines, "Ask Susie"). Dannah Gresh (one of my favorite Christian authors!) was promoting it on her website, since she and her daughter are going to attend. It was a mission trip to Ecuador for 13-19 year old teens!

Then began the conflict of two really attractive and appealing ideas! Which one to pick?

I was still waiting on more information about the Haiti trip, so I couldn't just make a decision. Then I noticed a early bird deadline for the Ecuador trip. If you applied by January 31st, you'd avoid an extra $100 fee. It gave me a few weeks to pray, and ask others to pray.

January 24th rolls around,
"God, can you PLEASE let me know soon about which mission trip to attend?" was a journal entry I wrote, seeking God's answer. Two days later, I attend a leadership meeting for youth group and find out that the Haiti mission trip was canceled due to political conflicts occurring there.

I couldn't believe it! I was excited and nervous at the same time.
After filling out a 12 page application, including two notarization's and a pastor recommendation, I mailed my application on January 31st. Receiving JUST enough grace from God to turn it in without having to pay the extra $100. Praise God!

Now the question is... Will I get accepted?

I'm waiting on my Jesus. :)

Note: Are you interested too? Check out the Never the Same Mission Trip to Ecuador here!


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