A New Found music love!

For my 17th birthday, an old dear friend of mine, bought me several CDs. One of them being tobyMac, whose music I LOVE! With such excitement over that specific CD, I seemed to forget about the other two I received. Recently I picked up one of the other CDs, realizing I had a growing love for that artist. Who is this artist? BRITT NICOLE!

Her music is really growing on me! Generally speaking I am more interested in male singers as opposed to female singers, not quite sure why, but I am. After giving her CD a chance, I realized how much I love her music and more importantly her lyrics! I've seen several videos and interviews of her and realized what a profound and continually deepening love she has for Jesus Christ! Her love is inspiring and encouraging to me! I wish I had listened to it sooner. :)

I encourage you to check out her music and find out for yourself what an incredible artist and witness for Christ she is!

"How We Roll" if you're in a more groovy mood. ;)

"Feel the Light" if you're in a calmer and softer mood. :)


  1. Britt Nicole is great! =D She has a more..funky?..sound! Anyways, she is great!

  2. Mhmmm! I know, haha. I just can't help but dance when I listen to some of her songs hahaha!


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