I GRADUATED! (Image Heavy)

Today I was fortunate enough to have my graduatation ceremony at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel (a couple miles from the actual Penn State University State College). I was SO excited and overjoyed to meet some people that I have known virtually (I was cyber-schooled) since 6th grade.... They were all such hilarious and wonderful people. Why do all the cool people live far away?!?!

Enjoy the pics. :)

AND Congratulations Class of 2011! We made it! :D

Wait.. I'm graduating?!? Since when?!!?
Haha, they actually gave me someone else's diploma. But no worries, I eventually got mine. :D
My whole class :)
Livy! The hilarious Salutatorian. ;)
Emmma! The kind-hearted Valedictorian. :)
One of the greatest teachers EVER! And her name is Rachel too! :D
I decided to be mischievous and bring a beach ball to blow up (Thank you for doing that Matt!) and hit around during the ceremony... it was officially the greatest success ever! And my Dad picked up all the stickers of our names from the floor (they were to help us to remember where to stand) and he stuck them to it. AND, I got everyone to sign it as well. :D
Wow! This is crazy!! But so exciting. :)

My parents.. I love them very much. :)
My signed ball :)


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