Do you worship God completely?

As you should know by now (if you've read my past posts), I consistently follow the Lies Young Women Believe blog. They are starting a new series about a book called "Uncompromising" by Hannah Farver, a young 20(?) year old who has written a book!

I was fortunate enough to have won two copies, to read along and share with a friend, as the discussion continues. Today was the launch of the series, and with it they posted a soul stirring video!

Even if you are a guy, PLEASE check it out! Anyone and everyone could and hopefully should benefit from this video! It'll get you thinking about things. :) Enjoy!


  1. I just got done with Uncompromising! It is a great book. I actually won my book too in a blog contest. The section on beauty and society's perception really got me thinking. It has challenged me to reconsider my priorities and focus in life. Right now I'm reading "Jesus Freaks" by D.C. talk and Voice of the Martyrs. It is amazing.

  2. Oh that is so neat that you won yours as well Gabrielle! I only read the first few chapters and then life got busy with school and work. I'll have to give it a real read though! I'm super glad that it made you think... I'd say a book is a good one if it does that. :)
    Oh really! I always wonder if that book by D.C. Talk was good.. glad to hear that it is!
    Reading... I love it, but don't do it enough. One of the greatest ways to communicate and share thoughts with the world is through books I'd say! Thanks for commenting and sorry for the uber late reply!



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