My Last Post for Now

Hey guys!

So I arrived in Quito, Ecuador last night around 6:30pm (CST). It is so pretty here! It's kind of strange though, sometimes it feels as if I am just in another city, not an entire other country. It's definitely an interesting place, and people are different. The Ecuadorians sure are sweet though!

A lot of flights got messed up, sadly, so a lot of people aren't even here yet, and won't be arriving for another few hours at least. But God has His way and His reasons!

Since so much of our team was missing, we couldn't do the drama today. Instead we went to a park, played with the children, talked to people, and some really cool stuff happened. One woman was lead to Christ, and fortunately, one of our team mates had a bunch of NT's with her, so she gave the woman one. After that she was reading it, and even showing it to others! It was so wonderful!
The children here are so adorable and sweet. It's definitely difficult some times though, considering I know next to nothing in Spanish. But it is fun, and a learning experience all around!

I can't believe my first week is almost already gone! It's been so crazy and amazing all at the same time.
God is definitely at work though!

Sadly, I will no longer be blogging after this, since internet here is $4 for a 30 minute session. All in all, it's not that expensive and I technically could pay, but I would rather not, and save my money for more important things. I will miss sharing, perhaps near the end of the trip I will get on once more, seeing what money I still have left.

Please keep me, our team, the people of Ecuador, and the trip in general in your prayers. We need it so greatly!

Since I will no longer be blogging, I will leave it up to http://www.neverthesameec.com/ to keep you updated of what we're doing, my team, etc. So check it out, go to Team 2, and you can keep up with us there. :)

Lots of love from Ecuador <3

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