True Love

I came across this song today by Phil Wickham..

I love it! My favorite line is:
"We were free and made alive
The day that true love died,
The day that true love died"

It's such a beautiful and piercing song! Check it out! :)

Also, here's a challenge for you: Listen to only Christian music for the next 30 days! K-Love announced this challenge on their radio station and I thought it was a great one! Generally speaking, I don't listen to too much secular music, but I think this challenge is worth it! (Sorry 80s music... :P)


  1. I LOVE that song by Phil Wickham :) A church that I went to performed it live as one of the musical numbers for their Easter play. It gives me the shivers when I hear it!

  2. That is SO cool, Laura! :)
    It really is a great song!


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