December has Come!

December surely has started out with a bang!
It's snowing. :)

Laura K., you have inspired me to take and post some pictures, hehe.



This gorgeous snow fall reminds me of how Christ cleanses us of our sins. From one of my favorite hymns...

"Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow."


  1. Rachel,

    No way! Can you please move some of that snow up here? Hehe :) We are supposed to get rain today... shocking! The pictures are lovely, and what is the title of the hymn that you quoted? Happy December, sister!



  2. Hehe. :) Take as much as you'd like! I'm actually not the biggest fan of snow and cold weather, but the first fall can be pretty!

    Ewwie, rain! I'm tired of rain. Snow is a nice change. :)

    Thank you! The title of the hymn is "Jesus Paid It All". I absolutely love it! We've sung it quite frequently in church and youth group... look it up on YouTube!

    Happy December to you too! :)
    <3 Rainbow

  3. I am jealous! I want snow! =D
    Have you ever read the "Scarlet Letter" in school? Anyways, our class just finished reading it, and the story frustrated me because she had to wear a scarlet A on her clothing representing her sin...it made me thankful for knowing the truth and that God is forgiving if I am repentant!

  4. Hi Heather! :) Yes! I read that last year for Honors English. I enjoyed it, though it was a bit too descriptive for me (not into 3498342978 pages of descriptions in stories :P), but I got the overall message. Yeah I know! Amen Heather! :) Praise Jesus for that!


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