Loved - Are we? Should we be? CAN we be?

I know, I know. It's Valentine's Day, so that means EVERYONE is making some status or post or blog on love. This also involves the mention of wonderful things like hearts, flowers and chocolate.
Okay, don't get me wrong, I totally agree that God is our first love and He makes us whole even if we're single, etc. BUT, I didn't want to just throw out another one of those speeches.

 I think most ladies (and gentlemen) have heard that speech a countless amount of times. They want to believe it. They want to be able to think and believe that even though they have no physical, human lover, that they are still complete and satisfied. It is true that they are complete. But are they truly satisfied?
For a long time, I thought I loved myself. You know, a healthy amount of love for one self.
You take care of yourself, your dress yourself nice, you feed yourself, you are responsible with your body, you have friends, you have a good church community, and the list goes on and on.

But recently I have come to realize that it's not so much that I don't love myself, but that I don't believe I should be loved, or worse yet, I can't be loved.. Anyone out there feel me right now? Somehow I just know, whether verbally spoken or not, in some of your hearts, you feel this too.

This is not to say that "Ah mah gosh! I am SO wonderful, who wouldn't love me?! I DESERVE to be loved!" This is more along the lines of... "Look at me. At all my imperfections. Does God REALLY love all of this? Does He REALLY want this relationship with me? I mean, look at me, I can't do anything right. I shouldn't be loved. I can't be loved."

Take this simple phrase, one which we are all so familar with: "God loves you."
It's almost so overused that we are jaded towards it.
But if we truly believed this in our heart of hearts, how would our lives look?
How different would we be?

If we truly believed that God loved us, that we do not have to constantly beat ourselves up over our sins, our imperfections, that we do not have to try to have everything together, and be the "most spiritual Christian", wouldn't we be so different?

It's not Valentine's Day itself that makes people feel miserable. It's the fact that it's a huge reminder to ourselves of our deep feelings of not being loved, a reminder to the fact that we feel like we should not or cannot be loved. It becomes such a large gap in our hearts because at the heart of every individual is the desire to be truly loved and truly known.
If we believed that God truly knows us and still truly loves us, then I think we would feel and think quite a bit differently about ourselves.
Because what you think about yourself reflects what (1) God thinks and (2) what you think God thinks of you.
  • "I should/can not be loved." = "God does not love me/God is not capable of truly loving me because He does not truly know me."
  • "I cannot forgive myself." = "God cannot forgive me."
  • "I am not complete." = "God cannot complete me."
  • "I am alone." = "God does not understand me."
  • "I am trapped." = "God cannot free me."
  • "I feel so burdened." = "God cannot carry my burdens."
  • "I am worried." = "God is not in control of this situation."
  • "I cannot let go of this situation." = "God is not trustworthy."
Those are just a few examples that show the reflection of our true state of relation with God and our satisfaction in Him.
And the truth is, whether you are single today or not, you can still be facing this dilemma in your life.

Someone wise recently told me that "God is not against us, He is against our sin."
Let's reverse it. God is for YOU! God wants to make you whole, He wants you to know and feel that you are loved. He has come to remove the shame, the guilt, the feelings of not being good enough or measuring up to someone elses opinions or ideas.
So today, remove the roses, the chocolate, perhaps even the special someone, and ask yourself: Should I be loved? Can I be loved?

God does love you. He wants you to know you are loved and you are known. Of course you can read this and still not truly believe. It's a long process but a life changing one, for sure. It's a process I am still working through. But every now and then I catch a glimpse of its beauty.
By believing this truth then it will not only effect what you think of yourself, but what you think of others. But that's a post for another time. ;)

That concludes my ramblings. Hope it made sense. Now I will go enjoy some chocolate myself... ;)

Romans 8:38-39
"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
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  1. Wise words, my friend. This is the reflection of His beauty in your process.

  2. Your wisdom far exceeds your years. I doubt I was really trying to understand the depths of God's love in such a profound way at your age.

  3. Love is imperfect due to our sin but it is still a sweet gift from God! I think we all feel unlovable at times, and that's why we have continually remind ourselves of the magnificent love the Creator has for his creations. We tend not to dwell on that often or for long. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  4. @Anonymous #1: Thank you so much... :) It is a hard process, but an encouraging one!

    @Anonymous #2: Only because of God's grace and goodness to give me thoughtfulness and thoughtful mentors have I reached this point! It's a hard subject for me to grasp though.. I think it is for all people! Thanks so much for your kind comment. :)

    @Anonymous #3: I completely agree! It keeps us depending on Him - which is a GOOD thing! :) Thanks for commenting... hope you feel His love today too! :) Happy belated V-day!


  5. Beautiful. Thank you so much for this today. I definitely needed to read this! : )

  6. wish i would've came upon this on the day of..! totally agree... and could've used this when all i was reading was exactly what you mentioned.

    btw, i'm currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog :) come by if you're interested and i hope we can connect!



  7. @Stephanie
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and visiting my journey. :) I'm SO glad that it was an encouragement to you! Keep at it girl. :)

    Thanks so much for checking out my blog and following! It means so much to me. :D I'm glad you understand and agree! I hope you feel His love, whether it's V-Day or any day. :) I'll definitely check your giveaway out! Thanks! :)

    Thank you lovely! I love when the words I write connect with others.. It's a great feeling to understand and be understood. Hope you are blessed. :)


  8. This is so true! It really spoke to me. I don't believe I've ever heard it put that way. Thanks, dear. :)

  9. @Kimberly

    I'm SO glad you were able to connect with it! That's awesome! :) That makes me happy! Keep pursuing the King!



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